Convert All Analog Situations In A Football Game Into Digital

Football Artificial Neural Network

Football AI neural network is a technology that automatically
evaluates the skills of both teams at the same time as broadcasting.

Football AI


AI neural network FANN is an AI neural network analysis algorithm that learns optimized attack strategy scenarios by learning neural network data accumulated from the past and by converting technology of real-time player data and technical connection with other players into data connection signals, converting and analyzing digital code.

CAPACITY 5th Layer Tactics Analysis(Network)
DIRECTION 4th Layer Tactics Area / Direction
SCENARIO 3rd Layer Tactics Scenario
ACTIVITY 2nd Layer Attack Tracking
DNA 1st Layer Attack Position


AI Artficial Intelligence BI Bigdata Intelligence CI Contents Intelligence


  • DFAC FC/Agent Analytics Data
  • DFEC Fans Entertainment Contents

AI Rating

Real-Time AI Rating

Provides real-time data of goal chance, pass, shooting, player condition, goal percentage and many more immediately by AI analysis.