Football AI was tracking Son Heung-min's salary change for 2…

football AI continues to track the value of salary by analyzing Son Heung-min's game in real-time, football AI


Allive and AIMBROAD made a partnership to enter Europe conti…

Experience Digital Content, A.I. Platform, Soccer Digital Playground, Digital Fandom


Did football AI already aware of Son’s bumper deal?

Foundation of Global Digital Playground for football fans, Platform launched with its own football AI technology.


AIMBROAD sings MOU with PROJECT WITH for Football AI new med…

World’s first real-time football AI platform. Data-based sports player career management integrated platform.


“Watch world’s fastest real-time data from football AI platf…

Matchison platform is open. World’s very first system to provide real time football data


Soo-Jin, CEO of JPD Big Data Research Institute, who is aimi…

The establishment of 'correct calculation formula' that analyzes reality is the core of big data research.


Battlefield of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Football is no exception, Team tactical neural network algorithms can be established.


The best attacker AI ever picked, FA cup final match

Based on data for all games in the K-league, The best play of the season selected by AI is Cesinha


AI provides in play football commentary, developed by AIMBRO…

First AI football commentary debut, Adjust by Football AI analysis brand, ‘Big db’


Herald a digital football revolution with Big DB.

Fundament of Big data is also started with human, The future of Data and platform, key point of Industry


Big-data maketh Football Fan please

Facing Fourth Industrial Revolution in football, Digital Transformation


AIMBROAD Homepage renewal open

AIMBROAD homepage renewal completed. New greetings. Please send a lot of interest and affection at Aimbrod.

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